About 52ills
52ills.com was originally an ongoing project to create one piece of art per week throughout the year of 2009. As planned, 52 illustrations were completed by December 31, 2009. Holla.

Posting has resumed in 2011, but on a more relaxed basis. Having less than the promised 52 illustrations by the end of the year will not result in panic or self hatred this time around. Let’s just have fun.

About the Artist
Hatched from a fire-and-ice comet hailing from the Orion Nebula, Rachel Arnold Sager crashed into the South Pole in May of 1981. Raised by wild penguins and escorted to civilization by a tusking of narwhals, she began her journey in search of purpose and ultimate happiness. It was a perilous adventure – man-eating apes, the “lost” city of Atlantis (jerks), a time machine/WWII scenario, and a fire breathing kitty named Pebbles.

She finally satisfied her quest by settling in the grand city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she lives a quieter, although sometimes still dramatic, existence as a designer, illustrator and writer. A card carrying member of Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators, she believes that Art, whatever the medium, is a story and should stir something inside the onlooker – and a giggle counts.

If you’d like to contact Rachel, you can do so via email at rarnoldsager [at] gmail.com. She also has a twitter and a dribbble, too. You can check those out if you want; it’s not creepy, everyone does it.